Now available - CELUM InDesign Link 

Search, position and clearly link

images and graphics


Thanks to InDesign’s native integration to CELUM Content Hub, creatives can quickly and easily work on projects
using linked media locally and make available on Content Hub. Search for images and graphics
directly from Adobe InDesign in CELUM Content Hub, position and clearly link them.

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Quickly locate images and graphics



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Position, link and keep images updated in InDesign


Automatically upload new images to CELUM Content Hub

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Open InDesign projects and save them, including a preview

  • Media can be located quickly and reliably given the direct access to CELUM Content Hub and its comprehensive search function.
  • Sourced images are not just uploaded once to the InDesign project, but also kept up-to-date via the link. Obsolete media in InDesign projects and the tiresome, manual packetizing of all data in the InDesign file are now a thing of the past.
  • If images or graphics are added from another source, InDesign ensures that these new media are automatically uploaded to CELUM Content Hub.
  • Easily upload InDesign projects to CELUM along with all their linked media, without manual packetization or broken links. Also, other users can continue working from the same version—PDF preview of the InDesign project included!
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Creative work with InDesign can be checked from anywhere

Search for suitable images or graphics directly in CELUM Content Hub—open the CELUM InDesign panel, start the search, find the desired media, and immediately use it. Manual steps such as downloading the image to your desktop, are history.


Many designers work as one team

Creative teams are set up according to their responsibilities: one person for Layout, one person for Content, one person for Review. Instead of sending the project back and forth via email, and running the risk of losing the linked images, the InDesign project with all its links is safely and centrally managed as a single version in CELUM Content Hub.


Creative collaboration - always work on the latest version

There is always that one new version of a customer’s logo that no one ever received, isn’t there? CELUM InDesign Link can automatically tell if you are using an older version of a linked image and suggests that you update it with just a single click. Naturally, CELUM Content Hub stores the information on where the embedded files are used.