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Get a 360° view on product related content

With real stories from customers such as Transa Backpacking GmbH, BAHAG AG, or LIXIL EMENA, expert keynotes by Markus Petzl and Prof. Dr. Rainer Fuchs, workshops, and education sessions, the conference is all about visual product content and how to create immersive digital experiences that help you stand out from your competition.

The CELUMIUM brings together like-minded practitioners in content marketing, demand generation, and omnichannel sales to understand and champion the importance digital content plays in the buyer journey.

The conference also features the CELUMIUM Horizon, special C-Level Sessions, where a limited number of attendees can get on-site insights from Michael J. Kräftner on strategic topics such as the new normal, tailored digital content, digital twins, decoding blended commerce and immersive product experiences.

The CELUMIUM will inspire, educate, and connect you with other CELUM users and marketers, and help you to transform your business.

The CELUMIUM is great for:

  • C-level and VPs
  • senior-level marketers
  • product managers
  • marketing tech executives
  • digital strategists
  • brand marketers
  • content strategists and content marketers
  • senior-level managers in retail and e-commerce
  • CELUM users and non-users.


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Get ready for the CELUMIUM 2021 SUMMER Edition!


Let’s spend a couple of days of intensive knowledge transfer, sharing of experiences and networking together – once again on-site in Linz  and online from 2. to 3. September 2021!


SUMMER Edition 1.-3. September  in Linz

The hybrid event consists of a product marketing conference, the CELUMIUM Horizon sessions, a networking summer party, deep dive CELUM Masterclasses and the CELUM Usergroup meeting.
The Usergroup meeting will also be streamed live. 

The CELUMIUM takes place at the CELUM Campus in Linz from Wednesday, 1 September (User Group meeting), until Friday, 3 September 2021 and will also be streamed live from there.


With a safety concept that complies with legal hygiene regulations and distance rules, and loads of fresh air we ensure that your CELUMIUM visit is as safe, relaxed and, above all, successful as possible. 

The CELUMIUM Summer Edition is a hybrid event to also cater for those guests still not allowed to travel.

We will stream the speeches on main stage and the Masterclasses, yet the CELUM HORIZON Sessions will be on-site sessions only. 

To participate at the event, all guest will need to present the EU Digital COVID Certificate or any other official document stating they either have
  • been vaccinated against COVID-19,
  • received a negative test result,
  • or recovered from COVID-19.

There will also be tests available at the location. 

Should the situation change again, making an on-site meeting impossible after all, the CELUMIUM will take place as a purely digital event.



conference and party

2. September - Conference & Summer Party

The CELUMIUM 2021 SUMMER Edition is all about content. The conference at the CELUM Campus will deliver a 360° view on product related content. To celebrate the CELUMIUM, we invite you to our Summer Party. Join an evening of fun and delicious food and drinks with old and new friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

Masterclass icon_50px

3. September - Masterclasses

The popular Masterclasses round-off the SUMMER edition in September. In the CELUM products “deep-dive sessions” you get a hands-on insight into new product details and features. Join us at the CELUM Campus in Linz.

conference icon_50px

1. September - CELUM Usergroup

The 8th CUG meeting (open to the public) and the General Assembly 2021 (for members only) the will take place on Wednesday, September 1st 2021, from 4 - 7 pm.


Linz is the capital of the province of Upper Austria and is nestled in a beautiful natural landscape on the banks of the river Danube.

Linz is a city of culture, industry and nature, European Capital of Culture 2009 and UNESCO City of Media Arts. The town is ideally located and can be reached quickly and easily by all means of transport:


We recommend one of the following hotels as we will provide a shuttle service to bring you from your these hotels to the CELUM Campus in the morning and after the event.

HOTEL PICK UP TIMES on 02.09.2021

08:30 at Courtyard Marriott Linz

08:40  Hauptplatz 3-5, Bus Stop Linie 192

08:50 Hotel am Domplatz

09:00 Hotel Ibis Styles Linz

09:00 spinnerei designhotel linz

The bus will wait in front of the hotel at the stated time and at the bus stop of buline 192 at the Hauptplatz in Linz for guests not staying at one of the above mentioned hotels. 

Please be on time, as the bus will not wait for more than 2 minutes to keep the schedule.


A weekend in Linz

Linz might be a small city – but it offers a great variety of sights and activities. So why not prolong your stay and spend a nice, relaxing weekend in Linz and find out, why CELUM chose this place for their headquarters ;-).

Here are just a couple of things to do in Linz from 4-6 September 2021. 


Linz, the European Capital of Culture 2009 and a UNESCO City of Media Arts, offers a varied cultural scene. Museums and exhibitions invite you to discover the diversity of the city.


Whether theater, open-air concerts, culinary events, musicals or hip acts from the music scene, the diverse events of Linz’s cultural and entertainment scene offer something for everyone.


Explore the city, relax in nature, browse through individual shops, discover Linz from the water or from high above … 

The choice is all yours!

If you are interested in spending the weekend in Linz, just let us know - we are happy to send you additional information on events, leisure activities, day trips in the surrounding countryside or the best restaurants in town.

Meet our SUMMER edition



Anna Patterson

Presenter and marketing manager, originally from Chicago, USA.
Markus Petzl_disruptive - beyond your strategy

Markus Petzl

Founder & Managing Partner, disruptive - beyond your strategy

Michael Meier

Head of IT, Transa Backpacking

Markus Hartmann

Product Owner – Team Assets, BAHAG AG

Prof. Dr. Rainer Fuchs

Head Product Management Center, Zürich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

Alexander Karst

Founder & CEO, Die Bildbeschaffer
Horst-Huber_Werk II_800x800px

Horst Huber

Founder and CEO of WERK II and the priint Group
Oliver Hauser_DAM United

Oliver Häuser

Board of Directors, DAM United

Michael J. Kräftner

Founder & CEO, CELUM

Peter Lehre

Digital Strategy Consultant, CELUM
Daniel Gussner

Daniel Gussner

Team Lead Account Management, CELUM

Samuel Siegfried

Partnership Lead, Frontify

Jörn Stengel

Teamleiter Development, comspace

Patrick Stephan

Senior Sales Executive, novomind AG

Reinhard Eisl

Chief Product Officer, CELUM

Melanie Schedl

Product Manager, CELUM
Georg Payreder_CELUM_878x878px

Georg Payreder

Team Lead Technical Sales, CELUM

Florian Hiegelsberger

Technical Sales Specialist, CELUM


09:00 - 10:00

Doors open & Registration

Doors open at 9 am, please register at the CELUM Welcome Desk.

09:00 - 10:00

Welcome Reception

Join us right at the heart of CELUM - the CELUM Campus in Linz. Enjoy a late breakfast before the CELUMIUM SUMMER Edition kicks off.

10:00 - 10:05

Conference Opening

Speaker: Anna Patterson
10:05 - 10:50

Make. Content. Work.

Perfect product experiences are built with perfect product content – at any point in the customer journey. While this sounds great it means that organizations must establish a content supply chain, true content logistics from creation to routing to the actual touchpoints. This is only possible by moving away from traditional DAM or Content Management Practices and establish something truly new. So, this will be quite challenging for most organizations. We firmly believe that only those brands, that shift their tactics with the changing landscape and start creating immersive digital product experiences will come out on top in the long run! Join me on a brief but inspiring journey to explore how product experiences can and will be managed and how to fully utilize your marketing content across all digital touchpoints.

Speaker: Michael J. Kräftner, CELUM
10:50 - 11:35

Value creation by leveraging product related data and assets

Product related data is a real digital asset to create value for suppliers and dealers. What are the prerequisites for successful product information management? Prof. Dr. Rainer Fuchs reveals the most relevant benefits of PIM systems and how they can be quantified. Following the short interview, Michael Meier shows how Transa Backpacking works with this data in everyday life and how ERP, PIM, DAM and E-Commerce are connected to deliver the best results for the company.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Rainer Fuchs (ZHAW) and Michael Meier (Transa Backpacking)
11:35 - 12:15

Disruptive Innovation in Challenging Times

Markus Petzl, one of the most wanted consultants for disruptive change in the German speaking countries, refreshingly combines cheekiness with competence and disruption with strategy. As founder of the strategy consultancy ”disruptive - beyond your strategy” he supports companies in new exponential times. In this keynote he will show how to make the crisis your disruptive opportunity!

Speaker: Markus Petzl, disruptive - beyond your strategy
12:15 - 12:30

Elevator Pitches #1

Content delivered fast by our partners

Speaker: Sebastian Hardung, Meike Keller, Stephan Franke, Thorsten Sifferlien, Marc Feidner, Oliver Häuser
12:30 - 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 - 14:30


How will our view of content change in a digitalized world? Our view of content has changed permanently over the last few decades. In addition to traditional content editing, new aspects have been added, such as user-generated content or content creation through Artificial Intelligence. What are the future requirements for content? In his keynote Horst Huber will take a look back, review the current situation and provide an outlook.

Speaker: Horst Huber, Werk II

CELUM HORIZON "The new normal - how tailored digital content is everywhere now"

Whether at home or in store, digital content is not only gaining importance by the day, it is also becoming increasingly personalized in almost any industry. One size fits all is a thing of the past, long live customization! But how do you tailor different types of content to individual consumers, based on their personal data available to you? In this exclusive session with imited seats available, Michael Kräftner will share his extensive knowledge on “customer-content-fit” and how to best utilize customer data and apply the findings to your content strategy.

Speaker: Michael J. Kräftner, CELUM
14:30 - 15:00

One. DAM. - Efficiently maintain and provide media assets for BAUHAUS online shops globally with CELUM

This session will illustrate how CELUM supports BAUHAUS in efficiently processing media assets from initial import to final delivery. By implementing defined asset flows and interfaces to systems and service partners, we aim for one maintainable and consistent asset data pool as solid base for creating a richer visual experience.

Speaker: Markus Hartmann, BAHAG AG / BAUHAUS

CELUM HORIZON "The new normal - how tailored digital content is everywhere now"

Speaker: Michael J. Kräftner, CEO CELUM
15:00 - 15:20

Elevator Pitches #2

Content delivered fast by our partners

Speaker: Andreas Michalski, Jens Finkbeiner, Stefan Metzger, Philipp Böhner, Florian Geisberger, Peter Flory, Klaus Pieper
15:20 - 15:50

Coffee Break

15:50 - 16:25

Journey to a global Marketing & Distribution Hub

How CELUM DAM evolved from a media database to a global Content Hub at GROHE.

Speaker: Oliver Häuser, DAM United

CELUM HORIZON "Decoding blended commerce – the importance of digital twins and immersive product experiences"

Retail 4.0, a new era of shopping is emerging as we speak. The lines between physical stores and e-commerce are becoming increasingly blurry and brands need to step up their game to live up to customer demands. Experience is everything and ensuring consistency, relevancy and top-notch quality is not an easy task. Michael Kräftner talks about the importance of VR and augmented reality for creating new revenue streams and how shopping assistants, multichannel coupons, voice activated ordering, self-check outs options, and virtual dressing rooms can lead to immersive product experiences that amaze beyond imagination.

Speaker: Michael J. Kräftner, CELUM
16:25 - 17:00

Content. Work. Done. - Filling your CELUM with great stuff from everywhere.

A knowledge session on how to source and handle licensed content. Picture agencies, free stock, user generated, pictures and footage from partners or photographers – no content without a license! Topics like how to research, how to pick the really USEable content, pitfalls in licensing content, e. g. for Social Media – Alex Karst will raise some flags and show how ‘helpers’ like “Die Bildbeschaffer” can fill your CELUM with researched and licensed content.

Speaker: Alexander Karst, Die Bildbeschaffer

CELUM HORIZON "Decoding blended commerce – the importance of digital twins and immersive product experiences"

Speaker: Michael J. Kräftner
17:00 - 17:30

Content & the Experience “Endgame”

Why is “the sale” the key moment of customer experience? How close are product experience and the actual triggering moment when making a purchase or turning into a fan? Without content, there cannot be customer or product experience. Let’s take a deep dive at customer journey including content mapping, content ops, your digital business strategy - and some interesting industry examples!

Speaker: Peter Lehre, CELUM
17:30 - 17:45


18:00 - 00:00

CELUMIUM Summer Party

Join our SUMMER PARTY for an evening of fun and delicious food and drinks. Enjoy a mouth-watering dinner and chat with old and new friends in a relaxed atmosphere – all of course in accordance with our hygiene concept.

10:00 - 11:00

Doors open

Please register at the CELUM Campus Welcome Desk

11:00 - 12:00

Frontify and CELUM - How Brand and Content really works better together - and how you will benefit.

In this masterclass, we’ll deep dive into the bigger brand management picture and give you tactical insights into building a powerful toolstack. Discover the exclusive partnership of Frontify and CELUM and find out: How these two tools are integrating with each other to increase efficiency and create one single source of truth. How to empower all your employees and external partners to deliver a consistent brand – everywhere. How to setup the suite of tools, such as a brand guidelines and portals or digital and print templates.

Speaker: Melanie Schedl (CELUM) and Samuel Siegfried (Frontify)

How to modernize your DAM

As with almost any software, development in the DAM sector accelerates from year to year. The version you may have installed as state-of-the-art 3 years ago is almost an old-timer today. How do you combine an always up-to-date philosophy with a deeply integrated system, what are the advantages of running your DAM in a public cloud, and what hurdles might have to be overcome during a migration? Is it really just down to the tool? And how do your processes become part of the game? Last but not least: what’s in for you when upgrading to the latest version of CELUM? Find out in our Masterclass: How to Modernize Your DAM

Speaker: Daniel Gussner and Reinhard Eisl (both CELUM)
12:00 - 13:00


13:00 - 14:30

CELUM and CMS - How to eliminate island solutions and achieve end-to-end business processes

Customers want to be approached by brands in a consistent manner. To answer that challenge, content-related systems need to be interacting company-wide – that is key to ensure smooth processes across different user interfaces. The seamless integration of CELUM DAM and CMS or DXP breaks down data silos and effectively prevents redundancies. Find out how you can optimize workflows and provide up-to-date content across channels with the close interlocking of DAM and CMS/DXP.

Speaker: Jörn Stengel (comspace) and Florian Hiegelsberger (CELUM)

CELUM and PIM - How valuable product content is used in the entire product lifecycle using CELUM and PIM

To create a successful customer journey, you need to effectively manage your product data, the foundation of your whole digital experience. In this Masterclass our experts will show you that by linking two powerful data systems such as PIM and DAM and by then letting them work as a tandem they create a powerful force that allows you to control the lifecycle of a product from inception, to marketing and directly to the consumer. Get a closer look at integrating PIM systems such as novomind iPIM, SAP CX or Akeneo into your CELUM and how to get the best results for your company’s success.

Speaker: Patrick Stephan (novomind) and Georg Payreder (CELUM)
14:30 - 15:00

Coffee Break

15:00 - 16:30

CELUM 360° view on content - Create, manage & route - how to cover your entire content lifecycle with one tool

Manage content end-to-end in one unified platform and fully utilize your marketing assets across all digital touchpoints. Collaborate in shared project spaces, review and approve your creative work, transform files into assets by adding metadata, manage everything in a powerful content hub, route into any system or channel and MAKE CONTENT WORK for your products.

Speaker: Michael J. Kräftner (CELUM)

Upgrade to Nova UI - all you need to know

The Nova UI is the new face of CELUM. Its modern, intuitive interface combined with all your favorite features offers the next level of user experience. In this masterclass session we introduce the heart and soul of Nova UI, show you how you can upgrade your CELUM with ease, and answer all your questions.

Speaker: Reinhard Eisl (CELUM)

LIVESTREAM - available on 1 September 2021. Please copy the Link underneath and paste into your browser.

16:00 - 16:15

Welcome and retrospective of 3 ½ years CELUM Usergroup


16:15 - 16:30

Short introduction: Dietmar Wiesinger, COO, and Martina Sennebogen, Head of Global Sales (CELUM)

16:30 - 17:45

Top-level Q&A

17:45 - 18:00


18:00 - 19:30

General Assembly (members only)

Meet the Elevator Pitch



Meike Keller

Account Managemet, comspace

Philipp Böhner

Sales Manager, brix

Jens Finkbeiner

CEO, hoerl Information Management

Marc Feidner

Account Manager, Intentive
Peter Flory_IB_Speaker_pfl_800x800px

Peter Flory

Director Sales & Marketing, InBetween

Stephan Franke

Managing Director, communicode

Florian Geisberger

Chief Customer Officer, kolb digital

Sebastian Hardung

Director of Alliances & Marketing, priint Group

Stefan Metzger

Managing Partner, KPS

Andreas Michalski

Founder & CEO, CI HUB
Klaus Pieper_Portaltech Reply

Klaus Pieper

Chief Virtual Ambassador, Reply Portaltech

Thorsten Sifferlien

CEO, netcare Business Solutions
Many thanks to our partners for their support and their trust to achieve great things together.

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The CELUMIUM SUMMER Edition is an exclusive conference for marketers, digital and e-commerce experts, and content creators. CELUM verifies each registration.


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